The Binky Box

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Because Every Baby is Different

Take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect pacifier for your sweet babe

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What Brands are in the box


What Brands are in the box


Be Prepared For Your Baby

It’s impossible to know what type of pacifier your baby will prefer, so why not have options ready for them. The Binky Box comes filled with 4 of our favorite pacifier brands, and you can even add in more options! Not only is the Binky Box a must have item for your newborn, it’s also the perfect baby shower gift

Why Love Us

1. Useful

It’s impossible to know what type of pacifier a baby will be drawn to. With a full “tool kit” of 4 quality pacifiers you can be prepared for whatever baby may like!

2. Giftable

All moms love a practical gift! The gift of usefulness and convenience will always be mom’s favorite.

3. Baby Approved

Quality is important to us. Each boutique brand we represent has been hand picked by moms and approved by our squad of cute babies.


1. Is this a subscription box?

-No, the Binky Box is a one time purchase. You can certainly purchase as many times as you would like to gift the box or for your future babies!

2. Can I buy other things with the box?

-Yes, you can purchase additional pacifiers, paci clips, or gift card(s) with your box!

3. Can my box be customized?

-Yes! You can pick your 4 favorite pacifiers, just go to the section called "Buy a Binky Box" then click the BYOB option.

4. Do I have to buy a box, or can I just buy individual retail items?

-You do not have to purchase a box to have access to purchase retail items. If you would like to just purchase a gift card, a pacifier, or a paci clip, go ahead!

5. What is the benefit of buying a box as opposed to individual pacifiers?

-Purchasing the Binky Box is the most cost-efficient way to try out 4 different brands of pacifiers to see which brand your baby likes the best. The box is discounted to a lower price than buying the 4 pacifiers individually!