FAQs – The Binky Box


1. Is this a subscription box?

-No, the Binky Box is a one time purchase. You can certainly purchase as many times as you would like to gift the box or for your future babies!

2. Can I buy other things with the box?

-Yes, you can purchase additional pacifiers, paci clips, or gift card(s) with your box!

3. Can my box be customized?

-We can currently support 3 types of boxes; girl themed box, boy themed box, and a gender-neutral box!

4. Do I have to buy a box, or can I just buy individual retail items?

-You do not have to purchase a box to have access to purchase retail items. If you would like to just purchase a gift card, a pacifier, or a paci clip, go ahead!

5. What is the benefit of buying a box as opposed to individual pacifiers?

-Purchasing the Binky Box is the most cost-efficient way to try out 4 different brands of pacifiers to see which brand your baby likes the best. The box is discounted to a lower price than buying the 4 pacifiers individually!